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Sentimental girl is my nom de plume.

I'm Jenna, I'm 17 and I'm a freshman at UC San Diego. I'm disenchanted by this world and disillusioned by the people in it.
Jun 24 '12

I go to the only school that will not only host a drum corps, but will also host a DCI show, and a drum major camp, and a snare camp, and then host ANOTHER drum corps at the same time.

Yeah, we host Corps at the Crest San Diego. And PC stays at our school. AND they have drum major and snare camps then. AND…

AND PHANTOM REGIMENT WANTS TO STAY TOO. They literally have to talk to PC’s staff about sharing the field and showers, and then pick a place to sleep (i.e. our band room, drama room, theatre, or try and squeeze in the gym with PC)

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